These books are the best-selling Kieran Yeats animal mystery series. Charismatic Irish-Canadian Kieran Yeats is a retired Crown Prosecutor living on Vancouver Island, Canada. Burned out from her latest case prosecuting an instance of felony animal abuse, she quits the CP's office and vows instead to work for animals in peril BEFORE crimes against them are committed and their abusers end up in court. As she says: "BEFORE the rabbits are microwaved, the dogs beaten; the cats stolen." Along with her friends Miranda Blake, a retired RCMP Constable; her brainy tekkie assistant Aliya Hammam; hacker Edgar Poe; and her adopted daughter Tristan, Kieran hunts down "bunchers" or professional animal thieves (STOLEN); rescues animals from a fate worse than death in a cosmetics testing lab (SACRIFICED); and searches for a decorated Canadian Forces' Pilot's PTSD dog when it is kidnapped and held for ransom by ISIS fighters (SEIZED -- hot off the press!)