A passel of books that take a humorous look at cats' lives in gorgeous photos and witty text. BAD CATS explores the subject of misbehaving cats . . . are they bad or just misunderstood? PURR MORE, HISS LESS tackles the issue of indoor living. Can cats learn to purr more if they're living indoors? MASKLESS describes cats' reactions to being out in the world (more or less) maskless for the first time in two years. SPACE TIME FOR SPRINGERS (coming soon) brings you the story of Gummitch, a superkitten with an IQ of 160! CYBER CATS explores what in the heck those cats are doing with our devices after sunset and BESTIES describes sweet, touching relationships between cats and creatures of other species. CAT MEMES are, well, mems that feature a humorous photo of a cat and an offbeat (sometime hissterical) comment about what might be going on in the photo, and CAT QUOTES are, indeed, some of the best things that writers or artists have said about the objects of their affection . . . their beloved cats! Enjoy! NEWS FLASH!! All books of feline humor are on sale from now until Dec. 31 for $6.99 . . . a $1 reduction from the regular price. Pounce on this deal!