Memes are an internet phenomenon. But what are they anyhow? The Urban dictionary describes a meme as “a photo or video, accompanied by a short snippet of text that makes one person laugh, which then he/she reposts, making it viral, which makes many people laugh.” So . . . a meme is a shared laugh-inducer! Cat memes are really just photos of cats doing odd things or looking goofy, accompanied by a wry observation. A “what the fluff” are they doing/thinking? Or the text may be the cats’ interior musings. Anything goes in memeland! Memes often begin with the word “when” . . . so here are 28 original memes of cats musing about life, or us musing about their antics. We hope reading them makes you chuckle as much as we did when we were writing them. And remember . . . share!

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