Our beloved cats want to celebrate ALL the holidays with their humans and Christmas is no exception! Come along with a passel of misbehaving cats in our best selling CHRISTMAS holiday book WRECK THE HALLS to see how they wreak good-natured havoc in their owners' homes. Will you see YOUR cat among these feisty, frolicsome felines? Or perhaps in WRECK THE HALLS 2? And be sure to read MACINTOSH AND THE CHRISTMAS MOUSE for a Christmas tale of kindness and compassion. And don't pass up NEW YEARS REOLUTIONS in which our cats examine their failings over the past year and vow to do better in the next! THE TREE FAINTED, BRUNO's CHRISTMAS, THE TWELVE DAYS OF CATMAS, and CATMAS CAROLS are little books but we know you'll enjoy them just as much as the bigger ones. Enjoy!