Ah, the Jack the Finder series. I really wanted to write graphic novels, but I can't draw well enough. So the books in this series are the next-best thing . . . gorgeous photographs and text interspersed. I think this works! These are the adventures of Jack the Finder, a mostly Bengal half-grown cat gifted with the sudden understanding of language . . . and the sudden realization of his role in life: he is a very special cat. A Finder. Join Jack on his quests as he solves mysteries -- along with his friends Toshio the philosopher koi, Ka the inquisitive crow, and the little grey mouse Souris -- and explores what it means to be a Finder in this life. Confession: Jack might just be the character I love best of all my fictional characters. One of my reviewers said: "If Sherlock Holmes had whiskers, furry ears, and a tail, he'd be Jack the Finder." "The series is tailor-made for readers who love whimsy," another reviewer said. "It's humorous, literate and absolutely charming. I fell head over heels in love with Jack. The books are perfect for people who loved "Tailchaser's Song" and the Sneaky Pie mysteries." So come along with Jack on his adventures. You'll be glad you did!