Jack, a Bengal mix half-grown cat living with his owner Clarissa at the Wilde Inn on the Oregon coast, is suddenly gifted with the understanding of speech. (A dollop of cream on a cup of espresso was involved). All speech -- humanspeak, birdspeak, mousesspeak, fishspeak is now understandable to Jack. Armed with this gift, he embarks on his first case -- discovering who stole Clarissa's friend Margo's lucky socks. Margo is a poet and absolutely needs her inspirational socks for the Poetry Slam which will take place in two days. Jack teams up with Toshio, a wise and venerable koi who lives in the Inn's pond, and mischievous crow, Ka, who may just be the key to solving the mystery. "A charming book in the venerable tradition of other feline sleuths -- Midnight Louie, Sneaky Pie, and Mrs. Murphy," said one of the book's reviewers. "I loved it and can't wait for Jack's next adventure."

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