Jack’s back! Transformed from an ordinary cat by the ingestion of a random cup of espresso and cream into Jack the Finder, feline sleuth, Jack returns for yet another thrilling adventure. This time, Jack is on the trail of two missing Norwegian Forest Cat kittens – Thorfinna HairyTrousers and Lilla Silken Whiskers. The purebred kittens belong to a guest at the Wilde Inn and are destined to be entered in the Coastal Cat Show in a few days. But where could they be? Apparently they disappeared from their cages in their owner’s cabin as she was eating breakfast in the Inn’s espresso bar. But did they really just wander off through the cabin’s open door in search of adventure . . . or were they catnapped? Catnapped by a rival purebred cat owner who is also due to exhibit her kittens at the cat show? Whatever the explanation, Jack’s on the case! Aided by friends Toshio, Ka, Souris and a brand new friend, he begins the search, hoping to find the naughty Norwegian kittens in time for the cat show. Come join Jack on his latest adventure.

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