The cats are ticked off: their people sold their house, had to move to an apartment, and now they're living indoors. No more gamboling in the neighbors’ gardenia beds, scaling their spruces, digging in their delphinium. Bummer. Or is it? There are loads of advantages to living indoors. Things might be confusing at first, but the cats will sort them out. Really, they will. Here, veteran indoor-dweller MURPHY (in gorgeous photos and laugh-out-loud text) responds to requests for advice and gives his “crew” tips for happy indoor living. As he so frequently says: “Running through the back alleys with three dogs on your tail isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Indoors you can chill, watch endless STAR TREK reruns, listen to rock music, meet new friends, and play dressup. Indoors you’ll purr more, hiss less, and be feline fine. Guaranteed.” So let’s see what MURPHY says. Thankfully, he isn’t shy with his opinions!  

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