SEIZED is the third novel in the Kieran Yeats series. When animal crimes investigator Kieran Yeats takes on the case of Captain Isobel “Izzy” Tremblay, a decorated Canadian Air Force pilot shot down over Iraq, she enters a frightening world of international terrorism. Jihadists, or Daesh as they call themselves, have followed Izzy from Iraq to her home in Victoria, Canada, kidnapped her PTSD dog Beatrice, and sent a note demanding money for her safe return. In five days, the jihadists say, they want $10,000 or Beatrice will die. With the help of her friend, former RCMP constable Miranda Blake, Kieran begins the hunt for Beatrice. Their search leads them to Russian dogfighters, a trio of militants making IEDs in a Victoria loft, and, finally, to a group of jihadists on the RCMP’s watch list. But the jihadists prove elusive, and as time ticks away, Kieran despairs: will they be in time to save Beatrice? BOOKLIFE called SEIZED "An elegantly written novel . . . a fast paced mystery. Highly recommended. " Publisher: Cats Paw Books 2022 Format: Paperback, 291 pages Price: $11.95

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