LAMBDA LITERARY AWARD FINALIST! When Kieran Yeats is hired to locate a local cattery's stolen Bengal cats, she has no idea what she is getting into. Her search leads her into the shadowy world of "bunchers" -- thieves who steal animal for resale to medical labs or to biological "providers" of both living and dead animals. The trail is cold . . . until Kieran gets a break. In an online ad, one of the bunchers offers two of the cats for sale. Kieran answers the ad, and sets a trap. If she can apprehend one of the bunchers, can she use him to lead her to the others and rescue the rest of the cats before they are sent off to an unimaginable death? Publishers Weekly called STOLEN: "A superb series kickoff . . . a riveting whodunit that's not not dependent on murder to sustain interest". Publisher: Cats Paw Books 2018 Format: Paperback, 235 pages Price: $11.95

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