SACRIFICED, the second book in the Kieran Yeats series find Kieran in a deserted parking lot at midnight for a mysterious rendezvous with a client named Shrew. Shrew's late, and when she does arrive, there's no time for talk. She throws two packages into a nearby dumpster, telling Kieran: "Get the things I've left for you, and for God's sake, don't leave the others behind." Then she screeches out of the parking lot, a big SUV in pursuit. The next morning, Shrew is found dead in her car on the highway, victim of a supposed one-car accident. Shrew's death and the packages -- which contain a cat, a phone, and a flash drive -- launch Kieran into an investigation of Island Naturals, a beloved Vancouver Island cruelty-free cosmetics company. But what secret did Shrew discover there? And is the secret, which reaches all the way to China, so huge that someone would kill to hide it? Discovering the answers to these questions might well cost Kieran her life. Publisher: Cats Paw Books 2019 Format: Paperback, 255 pages Price: $11.95

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