Yup, I’m writing shorter. No more 356- page novels. Aaarg, no. I just don’t have the interest in writing long novels that I once had. The world has changed . . . I’ve changed. Cat humor and shorter works are much more satisfying. So . . . I’m writing a series of novellas (think longish short stories) that take place in the (fictitious) cat shelter Safe Haven (and their cat café Cattucino). Even though I founded a cat rescue organization, in real life we never did run a shelter, so here’s my fictional chance! The novellas feature buddies Kieran Yeats and Miranda Blake from my long mystery series, but the mysteries that the duo will solve at Safe Haven are strictly cat-related and a bit “lighter”. Familiar characters make their way into these novellas: Ro Finnerman, the shelter’s fundraiser; Tristan, Kieran’s adopted daughter; Aliya, their housekeeper/nanny, and of course Kieran’s cats Trey and Jeoffrey, and Miranda’s cat Mr. Frisky Business. The first of the Safe Haven stories features Cattucino’s mascot, ZORRO, who goes missing. But how? Did he get out by accident, or was he “catnapped”. Read the book and find out!

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