“This is not a flower!” Little Red said in disappointment. “It’s a cactus! I was so looking forward to flowers! She said she’d bring flowers! No fair!” Ticked off, Red was texting his best friend Leo when Miley Cyrus’ song ”Flowers”, (written after a bad breakup), came on the radio. Suddenly it occurred to him that cats could do what Miley did: take care of themselves. “Who needs a human to put a vase of chompable yummy flowers on the table when we can go to the garden and chomp all we want?” he texted to Leo. Leo agreed, and texted Pickles who texted Fuzz who texted Boo who texted Mango . . . So here are six cats acting out the “Flowers” song in feline fashion, singing about what life could be like if they, well, took charge. Gave themselves flowers, so to speak. (You might want to listen to Miley’s song to see what so inspired Red.)

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