Are you a fundraiser for a cat rescue group? Or perhaps you know a fundraiser? Then you need to buy this book -- for yourself or for your fundraising friend. You won’t find airy-fairy fundraising theories here or links to expensive books to read. Instead, you’ll find my experience. Over 30 years of it. I’ve probably tried (or heard of and decided not to try) every special event, grantwriting gimmick, and direct mail package out there. I’ve tucked the best ideas away in my mind and am about to share with you in this little book. I absolutely love fundraising . . . it’s a great source of satisfaction when I see one of my clients try a fundraiser I developed, report to me that it worked, and also report that now they can run that shots clinic, or get 50 cats spayed, or buy three kitten incubators, or whatever. So buy the book, pour some coffee, grab a cat, and settle down to read about what’s worked for me and my clients year after year after year. The most exciting thing you'll learn about in the book are GREETING CARD FUNDRAISERS -- a fundraising tool I developed and have been using successfully for over 30 years. As well, you'll find a case study for a group for whom I raise over $100 K year after year. You can certainly do the same. So ready to raise some money for your organization? Go ahead and order the book! This book is a PDF document. When you order it, look for it in your email or Downloads. Feel free to print it out or read it on your device screen -- it's up to you! I know you'll find some great ideas in the book -- enjoy!